Our Projects




Rehabilitate Block factory - Fallujah


Installation and operation of a television station - Fallujah


Supply of fiberglass ladder type (Werner)  Qty 600  - Electricity Department Anbar


Supply of Ladders + Hot sticks + Equipment grounding type (Werner) - Electricity Distribution Directorate of the Middle Euphrates


Supply of speed reducers - General Cement South Company.


Participate in the rehabilitation of a power station north of Fallujah.


Supply of Koppelnat for Northern Cement Company.


Supply of circuit breakers FG2 type (MG) - Electricity Distribution Middle Euphrates.

Supply of hot sticks and test sticks type (Ritz) - Electricity Distribution Directorate north.

Supply of castings - General Company for Cement North.

Supply of batteries (NiCd) type (Interberg) - AL ZAWRAA General Company.

Supply and installation of power substation (11/33 KVA) ability (2MW) - University of Anbar

Supply of electric motor type (Siemens) - Kufa Cement Plant.




Supply of Aluminum wires - Distribution Directorate middle Electricity.

Supply of bags filling Qty (4,000,000) - General Company for Iraqi Cement.

Supply of transformer oil to electricity department Anbar.

Supply of Koppeln to Cement Factory - Fallujah.

Supply and install switching station 11KV - Directorate-General for the transfer of energy - the upper Euphrates - AL Rotaba Station




Supply of cables to the Directorate General of Electricity Distribution North.

Supply of Nickel Cadmium Batteries Qty 4set type (Alcad) to the Directorate of Electricity Distribution North.

Supply of power transmission poles of the General Company for Electricity Distribution North.

Supply of Battery chargers with 2 Batteries sit - University of Tekrit

Supply of2 ring main unit type (Schneider) - University of Tikrit




Supply of ring main unit type (Schneider) Qty 4 - AL ZAWRAA General Company

Supply of 4 set batteries type (Alcad) - AL ZAWRAA General Company

Preparation and design phase of system immersion resin (Dipping resin system - VPI Plant) - AL TAHADY State Company.

Supply and installation of Telephone Systems andinternal Radiofor hallsAl Somoodpubliccompany

Supply of room control buttons - Electricity Distribution Directorate Rusafa

Rehabilitation and development of water treatment plant - AL Somood Company




Supply of electrical NES - AL ZAWRAA General Company

training Somestaff of General Company for Iraqi Cement

Supply and install laboratory of the General Company for The State Company for Tobacco and Cigarettes from (CERULEAN)

Supply of equipment for the maintenance of power transmission lines 132 KV with wiring accessories - electrical transmission - Northern Region

Supply of batteries with power supply with several electrical equipment - AL ZAWRAA General Company




Manufacture , test supply and shipment of steel tower for 132 , 400 k.v overhead transmission lines - Trnsmission Projects

Supply of 132 K.V underground cable ( XLPE ALUMINUM 20001MM) and accessories for ing projects ( substations) 132k.v Al-ameen 400 k.v - Trnsmission Projects

supply kwh energy industrial meters in different phases  - M.Euphrates Distribution

Design, supply of plant, equipment, civil works construction , Trnsmission Projects

suppllying two power stations capacity each one- state company construction industries

supply H.V substation HFO generator- State Company For Electrical Industries

Many – projects - nassr state company mechanical industries

supplying machines & equipmeent of polyofin ts - al_tahady state company

supplying pumps - State Company For Sugar Industry

Engineering services and preparing designs for the oil and gas sector - ibn_majid state company

supplying lab equipment - Al-Tariq State Company

the required materials 17 items reference standard - the state company for drugs industry &medical appliances/samarra





Suppling Safty And Shut And Shut Down Equepments - Middle Production

Design Test Supply Shippment For 132 K.V Double Circuit Overhead - Trnsmission Projects

supplying systems (switch gear 11kv) - AL–zawraa General Company

building of electrical substations 33/11 kv - AL–zawraa General Company

Supply Cnc Cutting Machine Plasma And Oxygen - ibn_majid state company

supplying power station of (2×2MVA) with supervising the installation and operation - state company for construction industries

Suppling Basic Battary - Middle Production

Spare Parts For Turbo Chargers Maintenance For Ramadi And Faloja Deisels - Middle Production

4 Items Row Materials - the state company for drugs industry &medical appliances/samarra




supply of/DC motor 410kw with cabinat of thyristor - the southern cement state company

Spare Parts For Control Devices - Middle Production

Spare Parts For Switch Gear Room - Middle Production

Spare Parts For Control Devices - Middle Production




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