Our Services

1 - Electrical Works :

Includes our activities in this sector supply distribution stations, supply and installation of networks of high and low tension, lighting systems, supply and installation of generators of different capacities, electric motors diverse. And are ready to supply all the electrical materials and the origins of certified and short periods. As we are ready to supply all types of batteries of various sizes.

2 - Mechanical Works :
Supply and installation of equipment and mechanical engineering labs productivity such as speed reducers , gearboxes , Ball bearings , castings , pumps, diverse , and vector types of metal and rubber , packaging lines and equipment , and global origins and approved and an industry leader in machinery and equipment.
Gelrat processing and installation of refrigeration and air conditioning units and installing separate air handlers and cooling towers and air transfer tubes .

 3 - Sector of civil engineering and construction :
Our interest and experience in the completion of residential complexes and clothing roads and streets and organizing the work of the sidewalks and all the construction work as well as the design and implementation of environment-friendly buildings .

4 - Field of Supply :

* Electric power
Supply substations, transformers, control panels, power stabilizers, batteries of all kinds, circuit breakers, lighting equipment

* Alternative Energy
Supply of solar panels ,

* Security and Safety

Supply and installation of fire fighting systems and fire alarms, thermal sensors, safety equipment, surveillance cameras, security systems and protection equipment, detection and screening.

* Industrial production

Supply all kinds of production lines,

* Research and development

Supply of specialized laboratories,

* Communications
Supply all kinds of Telephone Systems, optical cable, and system tracking devices and monitoring satellite

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